Why is asphalt maintenance required?

We’ve talked a little in another blog about why asphalt is the preferred choice for paving. It’s durable and resilient, which reduces repairs. Asphalt can last for 2 decades, when maintained in top condition.

But maintenance is important. Just as you need to exercise to keep your body at its best (and not falling apart), you need to maintain your asphalt paving, so it can be at its best (and not falling apart). And with 4 million miles of our nation’s roads paved in asphalt, maintenance is important.

Asphalt is everywhere and yes, it’s tough. But nothing lasts forever. That’s just the way the world is! But that’s OK when you have a partner in asphalt maintenance with the team at Parking Lot Armor.

So, why is asphalt maintenance required? Let’s find out.

Increase lifespan

You can ignore asphalt maintenance. You can believe it will take care of itself and that other things take priority. But when you ignore the maintenance required to get the most out of your asphalt paving, you’re drastically decreasing its projected lifespan.

But if you choose to leave asphalt to its own devices, its 20-year lifespan can be reduced to 3. So, why is that?

The oils used to create asphalt can be lost with time and it’s those oils that give asphalt its flexibility and load-bearing power. Cold weather, rain, snow and ice can have their way with the brittle surface that results.

When cracks form, you’re on your way to watching the pavement deteriorate – sometimes to the point it needs to be completely replaced.

Replacement is time-consuming

Replacing your asphalt paving surface can take up to a month, because of the work involved. It’s also expensive.

Maintaining your asphalt paving is much less time-consuming and helps you avoid replacement for as long as possible. Writing it into your budget as a regular line item is well worth it, because the alternative is a much bigger chunk of budget and downtime for your pavement.

Your partners in asphalt maintenance

At Parking Lot Armor, we’re your partners in asphalt maintenance. We’ll consult with you about the maintenance needs of your pavements and then arrive at a plan for regular maintenance.
We’re skilled in all the processes associated with asphalt maintenance, including sealcoating, crack repair and infrared pothole repair. We also perform professional asphalt patching and precision parking lot striping.

All our processes and equipment are up-to-the-minute and state-of-the-art, making us the regionally-recognized paving experts of choice.

Call on Ed and the team

Ed Rogers and his team at PLA are customer service legends that make asphalt maintenance, repair and installation easy. Get it done right with an outfit that has collective years of experience creating superior asphalt paving solutions.

We’re your pavement maintenance specialists, bringing your paved areas superior maintenance that keeps them looking their best, protecting customers, guests and employees for the long term. We protect your investment by identifying areas that need attention before they become problems.

Contact us for a free estimate. Let us help keep your pavements working for you!

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