Why Crack Sealing Is So Important

asphalt cracks

Your parking lot is like a welcome mat for your storefront.  It either says, “Come on in!”, or it says, “Beware!”.

Keeping it in good condition is one way to let your customers know you care.  But it’s also a smart business practice which serves to extend the life of your pavements. 

That’s why crack sealing is so important.  Asphalt, when not properly cared for can degrade, allowing moisture incursion.  And when water gets down under the surface of those pavements, your foundation and substructure are going to suffer.

Minor cracks grow into major ones and those become the dreaded pothole.  Before you know it, you’re compelled to replace the works.

Getting It Stitched Up

As we just pointed out, minor cracks can grow.  The best solution to that problem is hot rubber crack sealing.  While presenting a seamless finish, this method also ensures the ongoing integrity of your asphalt pavements.

Those minor cracks need to be addressed before they can wreak havoc, allowing water to infiltrate your substructure.  With hot rubber crack filling, you preserve the integrity of your parking lot, extending its life.

How We Do It

Using an industrial grade sealer, we heat the material to a temperature of 400-degrees and introduce it to minor cracks.

The advantage of hot rubber is that it continues to be pliable over the winter (the most dangerous season for your pavements).  This flexibility allows it to give under the weight of vehicles coming and going at your thriving enterprise.

We can even pre-heat the cracks being treated with a hot air lance.  This additional process promotes thorough adhesion to existing asphalt.

Save Money

Calling the professional crew at PLA will save you money.  Think about it.

When you don’t attend to the little things, they become big uglies.  They’ll grow and you’ll be stuck with a much bigger bill.  You’ll need to close your parking lot while it’s being replaced.  That costs you sales as well as the exponentially larger amount you’ll be paying for completely new pavements.

A total asphalt replacement job costs up to 30 times the cost of crack filling (or asphalt patching for the bigger cracks).

Do the Smart Thing

You’re in business because you’re passionate about being your own boss.  But if your parking lot isn’t well-maintained, you’re sending the wrong message.

It’s a message of neglect.  And that neglect can also result in accidents in your parking lot that attract liability claims, which can cost you big bucks, in the event of a serious injury (and hefty settlement).

Do the smart thing.  Call New Jersey’s asphalt experts.  Save money and show your customers you care about their safety and value their business.

Parking Lot Armor

At Parking Lot Armor, we’ve put in more than a decade and a half as New Jersey’s premier source of asphalt installation, repair and maintenance.

Using the most advanced equipment and materials, we bring you professionalism, value and responsive service. 

Now that you know why crack sealing is so important, what are you waiting for?  Contact us!

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