When is the Best Time for a Parking Lot Repair?

parking lot with sunny weather sign illustration

Keeping your parking lot in tip top condition is a best practice for any business.  The condition of your parking lot says a lot about the condition of your business.  When it’s looking tired, with cracks, erosion and faded striping, the message you’re sending about your business is not a positive one.

A well-groomed parking area is like a welcome mat for customers.  It says you care about your business and what’s more – that you care about them. Clear striping, an absence of cracks and debris from erosion and fresh sealcoating signal that your parking lot is safe to use and free of hazards.

And that’s the right message!

So, when is the best time for a parking lot repair?  Let’s discuss it.

Summer Wins

When the weather’s warm, the materials used in parking lot repair are more inclined to bond with the ground.  That’s why summer wins.

Summer is also a much better time of year for contractors, business-wise.  That means they’re busy and working together to create coverage and seasonal benefit for everyone in the business.  Contractors also benefit from longer days, meaning they finish your job more quickly, with fewer hours to pay for.

The good news is that it’s still summer, so you can still squeeze in any last-minute crack filling you need done before fall and winter hit New Jersey.

Why Cold, Wet Weather Hinders Parking Lot Repairs

Asphalt sealers need higher temperatures, because they’re water based.  Ground temperature at application should be no less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moisture on the ground and in the area can hinder the ability of asphalt to bond properly with the base surface.  The structural integrity of your parking lot can be threatened by work performed in these conditions, making it vulnerable to additional repairs (and additional cost).

Forward Planning

Because there’s so little of summer left, those of you who haven’t attended to your parking lot’s needs are rolling the dice.

There’s a much better way of doing things, though.

Regular inspections of your lot are something which need to be prioritized but setting up a relationship with a reputable contractor is our best bet.  Having a contractor in your corner who understands your parking lot’s needs and is ready to respond rapidly is a best practice.

That means you have a partner at the ready to get those cracks filled, stripes freshened up and your lot sealcoated before the going gets wet and cold.  Your parking lot will be protected and replacement, delayed.

Parking Lot Armor

For over 16 years, Parking Lot Armor has been bringing homeowners and business in New Jersey professionalism in asphalt services.

From installation to repair, we bring you the best in asphalt paving, with professional crews, state-of-the-art equipment and the best processes and materials available.

Your parking lot is a business amenity.  Making sure it keeps doing its job for you demands smart planning and a beneficial partnership with a paver who knows what time it is.

Let PLA be your partner in paving.  Contact us.

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