Summer Commercial Parking Lot Paving in NJ

asphalt in the sun

Summer’s here and so’s the heat!

And heat can mean your pavements need a hand to keep serving your business safely and attractively.  Faded striping, pavement loss and other factors can arise during a hot summer like the one we’re experiencing.

Parking Lot Armor is your source for superior expertise, responsive customer service and quality pavement support.  Summer commercial parking lot paving in NJ is what we do, and we do it professionally.

Act Now

It’s easy to get busy with all the heavy lifting business owners do.  We know you have a million priorities.

But your parking lot is what people notice first.  If it’s looking tired or even dangerous, customers aren’t going to want to park there.

And if there’s an accident out there, you’re on the hook for liability.  No one needs that!

Act now, to repair items like minor cracks before they become the big uglies that will cost you a bundle. 

And before the rain starts in fall and winter conditions set in, the time is now to repair pavements which are compromised and may allow moisture to enter your parking lot substructure.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Performing repairs on your parking lot is something you should be scheduling at least twice a year.  Once in the spring, to repair any winter damage and once in the summer, to prepare your pavements for the coming seasons of rain and snow.

Just as a stitch in time saves nine, so regular maintenance can preserve your parking lot, increasing its life span and deferring replacement.

For summer commercial parking lot maintenance in NJ, PLA is your local resource.  A well-maintained parking lot can last for up to 25 years.  That’s well worth the price of admission!

A Business Priority

You’ve got a lot of sweat equity in your business’s physical plant.  It’s the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice.

And your parking lot is part of that.  Your customers love your store.  You’ve got a healthy customer base that shows no sign of abandoning you and your hard-won business.

But if you’re not taking care of that parking lot, you’re not doing your business and all that sweat equity you’ve expended justice.

PLA is your partner in pavements, for summer commercial parking lot paving in NJ.  For over 16 years, we’ve been bringing business owners professionalism that keeps your pavements looking their best and safe for customers to use, year ‘round.

From striping to infrared pothole filling, we’re there in all seasons, delivering paving expertise.  Crack filling, sealcoating and installations are all part of what we do to honor the hard work you’ve put into your business by maintaining your lot in peak condition.

Summer’s the Time

Now’s the time to give your parking lot the once over.  Is it looking its best?  Are there minor cracks that should be attended to now, before they become big problems?

Talk to the pros at PLA for your summer commercial parking lot paving in NJ needs.  We’re the local paving experts.  Contact us!

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