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You’ve invested a lot in your business. You know you need to protect it from the elements to keep it looking its best.

And that includes your parking lot.

Sealcoating applies a thin layer of coal tar or an asphalt-based material to your parking lot to ensure it’s adequately protected from the elements. Evenly applied sealcoating is key to the effectiveness of this process.

Sealcoating also protects patched areas (repairing minor or major cracks in the surface of your parking lot) from detaching from the rest of the surface and allowing the incursion of water. Water, once it gets into your parking lot, can threaten the structural integrity of the whole.

The foundation of your parking lot will also be protected with professional sealcoating. With vehicles continually driving into your lot, the impact and movement can affect this essential element of a sound parking area. Sealcoating creates a durable barrier that prevents damage.

Sealcoating also has the benefit of creating a smooth, integrated surface which makes your parking look well maintained. Your customers will appreciate that when they come to do business with you.

Your business will stand out, with expert sealcoating that provides your premises with a fresh, professional look that says “I mean business”.

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Our team of professionals at Parking Lot Armor has been in the business of creating beautiful parking lots for New Jersey businesses for almost a decade and a half. Over that time, we’ve had the opportunity to perfect our processes and expand our product knowledge.

We bring expertise to your parking lot that protects it from the elements and keeps it looking its best with professional sealcoating that stands up to even the toughest weather and highest traffic.

Protecting the investment you’ve made in your parking lot with periodic sealcoating extends its life. With Parking Lot Armor, you’ll get the best available technical knowledge and application and the most durable materials available. We use the hardest-wearing industrial sealer to ensure maximum protection.

A sound parking lot for a healthy business

Your customers love your business, but smart business owners know that you need to continually broaden your customer base to maintain commercial health. That means creating a pleasing physical plant that gets the attention of passersby who may be potential customers.

With Parking Lot Armor, you’ll get the best sealcoating process on the market. We protect the investment you’ve made in your brick and mortar presence, while making it eye-catching with curb appeal that draws new business.

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Parking Lot Armor is your source for expert sealcoating, protecting your investment and keeping your parking lot looking its best.


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