Services: Infrared Pothole Repairs

Infrared Pothole Repairs
Infrared Pothole Repairs

The scourge of parking lots everywhere, potholes can happen when minor cracks become major ones. Those major cracks in your pavement can provoke the development of potholes and nobody needs those in their business’s parking lot.

Potholes do a lot more than create an impression of neglect for your business’s premises. They’re dangerous for you, your staff and your valued customers. The1y can also serve to repel potential customers with safety concerns.

Parking Lot Armor has been making New Jersey parking lots look great for almost a decade a half. With years of expertise, we bring your parking lot state-of-the-art processes and equipment and professional experience that gets your infrared pothole repair done right.

How it works

Infrared pothole repair is the most cost-effective, time-efficient, and environmentally friendly pothole repair method in existence. Using an infrared panel, we heat the pothole to soften the asphalt and rearrange its contents. If necessary, we add additional material to fill it in. The pothole is then smoothed over and left to cool, until the asphalt hardens and is ready to bear the weight of vehicles.

Infrared asphalt recyclers are designed for commonly occurring asphalt problems like improper seams, sunken utility cuts, buckled surfaces, manholes, potholes, or other problems which threaten the integrity of your parking lot’s overall structure.

The penetrating infrared rays employed quickly soften existing asphalt without burning it. Typically, when this method is used, the top 1 1/2″ to 2″ of asphalt is ready for raking within 7 – 10 minutes.

That’s how efficient and rapid the process is.

Our team

The expert parking lot maintenance and repair team at Parking Lot Armor brings you professional-level experience that maintains your parking lot in top condition. From sealing to crack filling and asphalt patching, to the dreaded pothole, we’ve got you covered.

We keep your parking lot looking like the open invitation it’s intended to be, welcoming customers to a safe, well-maintained parking area. With only the most up-to-date equipment and leading edge paving solutions, Parking Lot Armor brings you the very best quality, value and customer service available in New Jersey.

With our team, you come first. We provide quality for exceptional value, using the most durable and trustworthy materials on the market. We get the job done right, so that the investment you’ve made in your business is protected and kept looking its best for years to come.

Call in the pros

Call us to take advantage of a complementary asphalt patching estimate for your parking lot or for any of your paving needs!

At Parking Lot Armor, we bring New Jersey businesses the best in parking lot maintenance, paving, patching and sealing. We’re the experts who keep you looking your best.