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Crack Filling
Crack Filling

Let’s face it, nothing is impervious to time. That includes your business’s asphalt parking lot. But with Parking Lot Armor, help is close to home.

Our team of professionals has been in the business of making New Jersey parking lots look great for 13 years. We’re a full-service company that brings almost a decade and a half of expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and know how to your business’s parking lot.

Keeping the premises you’ve invested so much time and money in is a priority for you. You know that potential customers notice the condition of your brick and mortar plant and judge the viability of your enterprise by it. Appearances count, because they can increase your customer base.

A parking lot maintained in top condition is a like an invitation to come in and buy your goods and services. We help you extend that invitation with timely, professional service that keeps your business looking its best.

How we do it

Minor cracks in your parking lot asphalt can be repaired using the hot crack method. This method is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. But when the cracks are larger, we use the asphalt patch method.

In both instances, our techniques integrate the repairs achieved into the existing structure, safeguarding it by protecting it from water incursion.

Water can bring a world of trouble to your parking lot. That’s why it’s crucial to make repairs in a timely manner, before water can get down deep into the underlying structure, threatening its integrity. Timely repair can prevent damage like potholes, which represent a much larger problem.

At Parking Lot Armor, we use industrial-grade, hot rubber crack sealer which is heated to 400˚ and introduced into minor cracks in your pavement. This substance doesn’t become rigid in winter temperatures, but remains pliable, effectively bearing the weight of vehicles entering your lot. We can also pre-treat cracks with a 2,000˚ hot air lance to promote adhesion.

A stitch in time

Calling in Parking Lot Armor saves your enterprise money. Should you not repair cracks in your parking lot pavement using a professional service like ours, you may need to replace it well before its time.

Replacement will run you 20 – 30 times the cost of crack filling or asphalt patching. Being pro-active about pavement damage is a smart business practice that keeps your premises looking their best, while protecting the structural integrity of your parking lot at the same time.


Call us to take advantage of a complementary asphalt patching estimate for your parking lot or for any of your paving needs!

At Parking Lot Armor, we bring New Jersey businesses the best in parking lot maintenance, paving, patching and sealing. We’re the experts who keep you looking your best.