Sealcoating Your Commercial Parking Lot

Your parking lot is an extension of your business.

When you drive on clean, well-maintained asphalt, you know that the organization cares about its customers. By sealcoating your commercial parking lot, you are ensuring that the lot not only looks better and lasts longer but also provides a safer experience.

Your business will stand out with expert sealcoating that provides your premises with a fresh, professional look that says, “We mean business.”

What Is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating is the process by which a company applies a thin layer of coal tar or an asphalt-based material to your parking lot to ensure it is adequately protected from the elements—rain, sleet, snow, severe heat, sun fading, continued use, oxidation, etc.

The Process

To appropriately sealcoat, the parking lot must first be thoroughly cleaned so that the sealcoat material can be properly applied. Oil spots will have to be cleaned, potholes repaired, and cracks filled. Once these have all been done, we will apply layers of sealcoat to your lot to improve not only the look and feel of it, but it will also lengthen the life of your asphalt. Sealcoating makes it easier to clean your parking lot and increases the skid-resistance of the pavement. Evenly applied sealcoating is key to the effectiveness of this process, so it is applied by either squeegee, broom, or spray to ensure adequate and even coverage.

Why You Should Sealcoat Your Commercial Lot

The foundation of your parking lot will be well-protected with professional sealcoating. It protects patched areas by repairing minor or major cracks in the surface of your parking lot, keeping it from both detaching from the rest of the surface and allowing the infiltration of water. Once water gets into your parking lot it can threaten the structural integrity of the whole lot. Sealcoating stops water from getting into the asphalt.

With vehicles continually driving into your lot, the impact and movement can affect this essential element of a sound parking area. Sealcoating creates a durable barrier that prevents damage. Sealcoating has the benefit of creating a smooth, integrated surface which makes your parking look great. Your customers will appreciate that when they come to do business with you.

The Benefits of Sealcoating

  • Improves User Experience
  • Protects From Snow, Sleet, & Rain
  • Improves Pavement Life
  • Prevents Water Infiltration and Incursion
  • Slows Oxidation Deterioration
  • Enhances Skid Resistance
  • Saves Money- No Repaving!
  • Makes Cleaning Easier

The Parking Lot Armor Sealcoating Solution

Parking Lot Armor is your Central New Jersey source for expert sealcoating, protecting your investment, and keeping your commercial parking lot looking its best. In the business for over 20 years, Parking Lot Armor has the experience and expertise to work with each customer to improve the usability and lengthen the life of your lot. Repaving is expensive and oftentimes unnecessary. Work with us today on a cost-effective solution to beautify your parking lot.

Our Areas Served

Looking to improve your parking lot? Parking Lot Armor proudly serves New Jersey in these local areas:

  • Monmouth County
  • Ocean County
  • Union County
  • Mercer County
  • Somerset County

Upgrade your parking lot without having to repave it!