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Asphalt Patching
Asphalt Patching

Because we live in New Jersey, with its notorious winters and extremes of temperature, we know that cracks and holes happen in asphalt all over the state.

And there’s nothing worse for your business than a parking that looks like it’s had a rough winter. A well-maintained parking lot is an important component of your business’s curb appeal and curb appeal is what maintains a strong customer base.

People notice businesses which are kept in prime condition. When your physical plant is looking its best, the message to potential customers is one of prosperity, success and a professional approach to doing business.

Asphalt patching that keeps your parking lot looking safe, fresh and ready for customers to roll in and buy your goods and services is a strong part of that message. Parking Lot Armor can get you there, with professional asphalt patching that’s sound, professional and state-of-the-art.

How it works

Some cracks in asphalt surfaces are simply too large for 400˚ hot crack filling, so Parking Lot Armor’s pros will opt for an asphalt patch. This is a cold repair method which fills large scale cracks to protect against water incursion, which is the source of much parking lot woe.

Keeping water out of your parking lot’s sub-structure safeguards its ongoing integrity.

Our team

The team at Parking Lot Armor is technically proficient and comes with almost a decade and a half of experience. Our team of professionals brings expertise to your asphalt patching job that maintains you parking lot in sound, presentable condition and protects it from water.

We use only state-of-the-art processes, employing equipment that gets the job done right. Our pros bring you leading edge professionalism and up-to-the-minute knowledge that ensures your asphalt patching endures. When we’re done, your parking lot will look great and be protected from the elements.

The team at Parking Lot Armor creates paving solutions that make sound and aesthetically pleasing parking lots, sidewalks and roads. We bring you outstanding value, using only the most durable materials available.

To all that, we add world class customer service that puts you first.

At Parking Lot Armor, we know you’ve put a lot into your business, including your parking lot. That’s why we put our best into every asphalt patching job we do. We build it to last, so you can rest assured that your parking lot will be serving you and your customers for many years to come.

Call in the pros

Call us to take advantage of a complementary asphalt patching estimate for your parking lot or for any of your paving needs!

At Parking Lot Armor, we bring New Jersey businesses the best in parking lot maintenance, paving, patching and sealing. We’re the experts who keep you looking your best.

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