Questions to Ask Your Asphalt Paving Contractor


Hiring a contractor of any kind demands a clear head and a clear agenda.  Knowing what you want from your contractor and what you expect with total clarity is a good place to start.

And doing your homework (checking in with friends and acquaintances on their tips and comments, as well as looking at online reviews) is a must.  You need to know what that outfit’s reputation is in your community.

Toward making the process less intimidating, here are some questions to ask your asphalt paving contractor, to ensure you get the quality of work you want.

How Long Have You Been Around?

Experience is essential when you’re talking about something as important as your asphalt paving.  You’ll want someone who has the requisite experience, as well as an understanding of contemporary practices and equipment.

A contractor who hasn’t been around that long hasn’t amassed the street cred a company with a little more mileage on it has.

Can You Provide References?

We’ve already suggested that you ask around about the contractors you’re considering but asking for references from the contractor is a best practice.

A reputable contractor won’t balk at this question and will probably be ready with a list of happy customers to share with you.  Don’t be shy.  Contact the references and get a read of the contractor’s expertise and reputation.

How Will You Proceed?

This question is more revealing than you think.  A contractor with the right experience and knowledge will easily be able to describe the conduct of the work with you, in detail.  They’ll also be able to let you know about the type of equipment and processes they’re using.

Look for indications that the contractor you’re talking to is willing to work with you and what you need done.

Can You Come Out and Talk To Me?

While you may think this is a given, it isn’t in every case and that’s never a good sign.  Any contractor you’re considering should be ready and willing to come out to your location to assess your needs.  What’s more, they should able to get to you quickly, provide an estimate free of charge and get started on your desired timeline.

What’s Your Service Area?

Knowing your potential contractor’s service area is important because there’s really no point in proceeding if they don’t serve your region.  Most contractors apply limits in this regard, as it enables them to provide quality work, not spreading themselves to thin.

Look out for contractors willing to go far afield to get your business.  That’s a red flag.  They may not be providing quality work to their existing customers.  That may have made it difficult for them to do business in the region in which they’re located, due to a poor reputation.

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