NJ Infrared Asphalt Repairs

asphalt pothole

Potholes happen.  With extreme weather conditions and asphalt deterioration, an occasional pothole is probably going to be part of your life at some point.

But with your pavement maintenance specialists at Parking Lot Armor, NJ infrared asphalt repairs are achieved with state-of-the-art knowledge, materials and equipment.

The Pothole Cometh

The integrity of your parking lot is a priority.  A neglected parking area, replete with cracks in the asphalt, sends the wrong message about your business.  If you were a customer, what would you think about the state of the business if that’s what you saw going on in the parking lot?

It’s not your best look, right?

But that’s not the only problem with a cavalier approach to parking lot maintenance.  There’s liability to think about, too.

In these litigious times, potholes represent a glaring personal injury litigation exposure.  Settlements can be over the top and your bottom line doesn’t need that.

What PLA Does About Potholes

For a decade and a half, Parking Lot Armor has been providing NJ infrared asphalt repairs to businesses all over the Garden State.  Our more than 15 years’ experiences offers you reliable, leading-edge asphalt repairs that keep your parking lot looking ready for business and hazard free.

The infrared method of repair is quick, kind to the environment and cost-effective.  We place an infrared panel on the pothole.  This softens the asphalt, allowing us to rearrange its contents.  Sometimes, we’ll add a little extra material to ensure it’s properly filled.

Then, we smooth your pothole over and leave it to cool.  During the cooling process, the asphalt sets and is then ready for all the traffic you can throw at it!

Not Just for Potholes

Problems with asphalt like seams which are faulty, underground utility cuts and buckled surfaces can be reformed using NJ infrared asphalt repairs.

Infrared repair is the most effective method for fixing asphalt to ensure its overall integrity.  It works quickly to prepare the asphalt without burning it.  Within just 7 – 10 minutes, your asphalt is ready for raking, at a depth of up to 2”.

You have to admit – that’s pretty efficient!

Call the Professionals

PLA’s got you covered for all your asphalt repair needs, from NJ infrared asphalt repair to striping, sealing, patching and crack filling.

With PLA, you’ll be welcoming your customers to a parking lot that says you care about their safety and that you’re on top of your business’s needs.  That builds customer confidence.

And your confidence gets a boost too, when you call the professionals at Parking Lot Armor because we use only the most advanced equipment and up-to-the-minute solutions to keep your parking lot in prime condition.

With exceptional value, we serve you with only the best materials available.  We ensure that your business looks like the going concern it is and that your customers are always safe when they come to visit.

With responsive service that gets the job done right, Parking Lot Armor brings you the best in NJ infrared asphalt repair. 

Show your customer love!  Contact us!

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