Infrared Pothole Repairs Near Me in Red Bank, NJ

A well-maintained parking lot is something customers want to see.  Their safety and comfort matters to me, so I keep things real.

Potholes are a pain.  But doing business is a 24/7 thing and all the priorities involved mean I may miss things.

My parking lot is huge, so I didn’t notice the large crack that had set in over the winter.  Luckily, a customer pointed it out.   I went to check on it and there it was.  It wasn’t a big one yet, but it was certainly a pothole-in-waiting.

That customer did me a favor.  I don’t need potholes!

Not Good Business

A pothole in your parking lot is not good business.  It signals neglect and not a very proactive approach when it comes to customer safety.  Think about it.

Potholes are a threat to safety and if people hurt themselves while in your parking lot, you could be liable for their injuries.

Fixing potholes early is a practice every business owner with a parking lot should attend to.  Regularly repairing minor cracks before they reach the level of “major crack” is savvy. But when major cracks become potholes, you need infrared pothole repairs near me in Red Bank, NJ.

Pothole Repair Excellence

When potholes form, you need pothole repair excellence. Get it in Red Bank with the experts at Parking Lot Armor.  With decades of collective experience and up-to-date equipment, they repair your pothole professionally and quickly.

I depend on PLA to keep my parking lot maintained.  When a major crack appears that gets to the point of forming a pothole, I know they’ll get it fixed fast with infrared pothole repair near me in Red Bank, NJ.  And PLA keeps things looking great with striping and timely repairs, too.

Rapid Repair

I know that infrared pothole repair is the optimum process for dealing with dangerous, unsightly potholes.  It’s less expensive, fast and environmentally sustainable.

This strategy for repairing potholes is amazing, with budget-friendly, rapid repair that fixes the pothole and furthers my company mission of sustainable practices in all our operations.

PLA’s exceptional crews use an infrared panel to prepare the pothole’s contents by softening them.  Some potholes require that additional material be added to what’s there, topping them up to the level of the pavement.  The pothole is then smoothed and cooled, until it’s ready.

That’s all it takes!  The repair can support car traffic in only 7-10 minutes!

Call on PLA

I’m so pleased my customer spoke up about the pothole happening in my parking lot.  I’m even more pleased to know I can depend on infrared pothole repairs near me in Red Bank, NJ, with the pavement specialists at Parking Lot Armor.

When you’ve got a pothole growing, rely on PLA to give you a  complementary estimate, which is timely and transparent. They’re Red Bank’s leading choice for support with all your parking lot needs, keeping your lot safe for employees and customers and ready to do your business proud.

Call on PLA expertise!