Infrared Pothole Repairs Near Me in Princeton, NJ

My parking lot’s appearance is an emblem of the way I approach business.  A fresh, well-maintained parking lot is something customers appreciate.

Potholes happen sometimes.  Being a store owner is more than a full-time job and keeping all the balls involved in the air is tough.

My parking lot is a good size, so I missed the big crack that had happened over the winter, unfortunately.  One day, a customer talked to me about it.  I went to confirm the information and there it was.  Thank God it was still small at that point.

That customer telling me was a godsend.  Potholes I don’t need.

Not a Good Look

A pothole in your parking lot is not a good look for your business.  It symbolizes negligence and a poor attitude concerning customer safety.

People can hurt themselves out there.  That’s a scary, but when people hurt themselves in your parking lot, you may be liable.

Stopping potholes before they grow is a best business practice every brick-and-mortar store owner should stay on top of.  Regularly repairing minor cracks before they arrive at the “major crack” level is smart, but when major cracks happen and a pothole forms, the answer is infrared pothole repairs near me in Princeton, NJ.

PLA – The Best

When you’ve got a pothole, you need professional repair and that’s available locally with the pavement professionals at Parking Lot Armor.  With extensive experience and advanced equipment, they deal with your pothole expeditiously and expertly.  They’re the best.

I call on PLA for all my paving needs.  And when a major crack in the parking lot gets away from me and starts becoming a pothole, I know they’ll get it fixed with infrared pothole repair near me in Princeton, NJ.

Infrared Pothole Repair – How It’s Done

I’m 100% sure that infrared pothole repair is the most effective way keep your lot pothole-free.  It’s easy on your budget, fast and gentle to the environment.

This way of repairing potholes is superior, with budget-friendly, lightning fast repair that rids me of the pothole and advances my business’s mission of striving for sustainability in all our operations.

PLA’s professional crews use an infrared panel to soften the pothole’s contents, preparing them.  Some potholes call for extra material to be added to bring them level with the pavement.  Afterwards, the pothole is smoothed and left to cool off.

And that’s it!  The repair can bear the weight of cars in only 7-10 minutes!

Get the Experts

I’m happy my customer spoke to me about the pothole forming in my parking lot.  I’m even happier to know I can count on infrared pothole repairs near me in Princeton, NJ, with the experts at Parking Lot Armor.

When you’ve got a pothole growing, rely on PLA to provide you with a complementary estimate in a hurry. They’re our region’s first choice for paving support for all your parking lot maintenance, keeping your lot safe for everyone who uses it and making your business look good.

PLA repairs it right.