Infrared Pothole Repairs Near Me in Old Bridge Township, NJ

My parking lot is well kept.  It always looks terrific!  While I know that appearances matter, I keep it up for my customers.

I ensure their safety by maintaining my parking lot in premium condition.  It’s something I give both them and my business, as a best practice.

My parking lot is large, so I didn’t notice the bit crack winter weather had caused.  Recently, a customer pointed it out.  I checked it out and while it wasn’t a problem yet, it was headed that way.

I’m glad my vigilant customer told me before it got worse.

Pay Attention

Potholes aren’t good business.  They signal your customers that you may not be paying enough attention when it comes to the security and safety of your customers.  That’s an unfortunate message.

Potholes are a safety threat and if people get hurt in your parking lot, you could be taken to court.

Attending to potholes when they’re minor is a business priority you need to stay ahead of.  Regularly repairing minor cracks before they reach critical mass is certainly preferred. But when major cracks are transformed into potholes, you’ve got support for infrared pothole repairs near me in Old Bridge Township, NJ, with Parking Lot Armor.

Reliable Support

When potholes start, you need PLA.  They’re Old Bridge Township’s paving solutions experts bringing you reliable, responsive paving support.  With many years’ collective experience and state-of-the-art equipment, PLA makes your pothole a memory.

PLA is an important business resource.  When a major crack forms and grows into a pothole before I can deal with it, they’ll have it fixed in a flash, with infrared pothole repairs near me in Old Bridge Township, NJ.  And PLA keeps my lot attractive and safe with fast response and striping, too.

A Superior Technique

Infrared pothole repair is a superior technique for resolving hazardous potholes.  It’s gentle to your wallet, fast and environmentally aware.

This way of repairing potholes is the leader, with wallet-friendly, quick repair that rids me of the pothole, while forwarding my company mission of sustainability and enviro-consciousness.

PLA’s terrific crews use an infrared panel to prepare the contents of the pothole with heat, softening them.  Some potholes require that extra materials be added to bring the pothole flush with the pavement.  The pothole is then smoothed and allowed to cool.

It sounds efficient because it is.  Your repair is ready to support motor vehicle traffic in 7-10 minutes!

Local Heroes

I’m so pleased that my customer told me about the pothole in my parking lot.  I’m even more pleased that I can count on infrared pothole repairs near me in Old Bridge Township, NJ, with the local heroes at Parking Lot Armor.

When potholes happen, reach out to PLA.  Get a  complementary estimate you can trust to be both transparent and timely. They’re Old Bridge Township’s leaders in professional paving, ready to support all your parking lot needs.   They’ll keep your lot safe and looking ready to welcome your customers.

PLA – Old Bridge Township’s local heroes!