Infrared Pothole Repairs Near Me in New Brunswick, NJ

My parking lot is maintained in excellent condition.  Appearances are important, but my customers, more so.  They’re why I’ve been in business for decades.

Business people are always busy and we can only do so much.  Sometimes, this get away from us – especially when we’re looking the other way.

My parking lot is not small, so I didn’t see the massive crack that winter had left behind.  Fortunately, a customer mentioned it.   I went to check and yup.  Pothole.  It wasn’t much at that point, but it was trying to be.

I’m happy it was noticed in time.  Who needs potholes?

Get Proactive

Potholes send a message of neglect.  They’re also a signal that you may not be very proactive when it comes to the safety and security of your customers.  That sticks with people.

Potholes are a safety exposure and if people get hurt in your parking lot, you may be found responsible in court.

Nipping potholes in the bud is something business owners with parking lots need to care about.  Regularly managing minor cracks before they get to “major crack” level is preferable. But when major cracks give you potholes, call in the experts in infrared pothole repairs near me in New Brunswick, NJ.

Parking Lot Armor

When potholes form, you need Parking Lot Armor.  They’re New Brunswick’s pavement masters bringing you local, accessible paving expertise.  With decades of experience and top-of-the-line equipment, they get your pothole repaired right.

PLA is a crucial resource for my business.  When a major crack forms and develops into a pothole before I can catch it, they’ll have it fixed on the double with infrared pothole repair near me in New Brunswick, NJ.  And PLA keeps my lot looking sharp and customer-friendly with timely repairs and striping, too.

Fast Response

Infrared pothole repair is the best method for eliminating unattractive, dangerous potholes.  It’s easy on your budget, quick and environmentally-friendly.

This technique of repairing potholes is most popular by far, with cost-conscious, super-fast repair that deals with the pothole, while advancing my company mission of stepping lightly on the planet.

PLA’s exceptional crews deploy an infrared panel to ready the contents of the pothole using heat to soften them.  Sometimes additional materials are added to top up potholes to be level with the pavement.  The pothole is then smoothed and allowed to cool.

And you’re done.  Your repair can support motor vehicle traffic in an astonishing 7-10 minutes!

Call PLA

I’m so grateful my customer alerted me to the presence of the pothole in my parking lot.  I’m even more grateful to know I can count on infrared pothole repairs near me in New Brunswick, NJ, with our community’s best at Parking Lot Armor.

When you’ve got a pothole, call PLA to write a prompt, transparent, complementary estimate. They’re New Brunswick’s specialists in paving solutions, ready to help with all your parking lot needs.   They’ll keep your lot safe, attractive and ready to welcome customers.

Call PLA – New Brunswick’s paving leaders!