Infrared Pothole Repairs Near Me in Morganville, NJ

The way my parking lot looks say a lot about the way I do business.  Well-maintained pavements spell prosperity, success and a positive, customer-facing attitude.

But things happen.  Being a business owner is hot and thirsty work and competing priorities can get the better of you.  That’s what happened to me.

My parking lot is large and off in a distant corner, a major crack had formed over the winter that I was unaware of.  That’s until a customer came to me and said she thought a pothole was forming.  I was grateful for the heads up, because if there’s one thing a business’s parking lot doesn’t need, it’s potholes.

The Wrong Message

A pothole in your parking lot sends the wrong message.  It speaks of neglect and a laissez-faire attitude that’s not very customer-friendly.

People can get hurt out there.  And that’s bad enough, but when people get hurt on your premises, you can be liable for damages.

Stopping potholes in their tracks is a best practice every business owner with a physical plant should follow.  Getting minor cracks addressed before they become major ones is the best way to do it, but when major cracks take hold and a pothole appears, then you need infrared pothole repairs near me in Morganville, NJ.

Call the Experts

When you’ve got a pothole, you need help and that help is close at hand with the experts at Parking Lot Armor.  With the needed expertise and superior equipment, they get the job done professionally and quickly.

I call PLA for all my parking lot needs from striping to patching.  And when a major crack in the pavements out there escapes my attention and grows to pothole dimensions, I know they’ll repair the damage with infrared pothole repairs near me in Morganville, NJ.

How It’s Done

For my money, infrared pothole repair is the best way to get it done.  It’s cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly.  Those are all major considerations for my business.  This method of repairing potholes delivers, with budget-friendly, timely repair that eliminates the pothole and honors my business’s stated mission of being kind the planet we live on.

The pros at PLA use an infrared panel to soften the pothole’s contents.  Sometimes, it needs to be topped up to arrive at the level of the surrounding pavements.  Once that’s done, the former pothole is smoothed over and allowed to cool.

After that, done.  You’re good to go in only 7-10 minutes!  That’s efficient!

My Friends at PLA

I’m grateful that customer came to me to warn me that I had a pothole issue.  I’m even more grateful to know I can count on Infrared pothole repairs near me in Morganville, NJ, with my friends at Parking Lot Armor.

When you’ve got a pothole problem, you need PLA to provide you with a complementary estimate. They’re your “go to” local support for all your parking lot needs, keeping your premises safe for customers and employees and looking ready for business.

PLA’s got you covered.