Infrared Pothole Repairs Near Me in Monroe Township, NJ

My parking lot is well maintained.  It always looks great!  I care about appearances, but I care about my customers more.

That’s why I ensure their safety and comfort by keeping my parking lot in top shape.  They deserve it and so does the ongoing health of business.

My parking lot is quite large, so I didn’t see the major crack that winter had left there.  Recently, a customer told me about it.  I went to check it out and while it wasn’t catastrophic yet, it was doing its worst.

I’m grateful my observant customer told me about it before it grew.

Be Aware

Potholes are just bad business.  They tell people that you may not be too aware when it comes to the safety of your customers.  Not a great message.

Potholes are a public hazard and if people get injured in your parking lot, you may be found liable in court.

Catching potholes when they’re small is something business owners with parking lots need to stay on top of.  Regularly attending to minor cracks before they arrive at critical mass is best. But when major cracks become potholes, call in the pros in infrared pothole repairs near me in Monroe Township, NJ.

PLA – Reliable Support

When you’ve got potholes, you need Parking Lot Armor.  They’re Monroe Township’s pavement specialists offering you reliable, rapid response paving support.  With decades of team experience and the best equipment, PLA puts your pothole to bed.

PLA is a critical business resource.  When a major crack appears and becomes a pothole before I can stop it, they’ll have it repaired in no time flat, with infrared pothole repair near me in Monroe Township, NJ.  And PLA keeps my lot attractive and customer-friendly with right-on-time repairs and striping, too.

A Great Technique

Infrared pothole repair is a great technique for filling dangerous potholes.  It’s kind to your wallet, fast and environmentally sound.

This method of fixing potholes is simply the best, with cost-effective, speedy repair that gets rid of the pothole, while supporting my company mission of being kind to the planet.

PLA’s excellent crews employ an infrared panel to prepare the pothole’s contents by using heat to soften them.  Sometimes extra materials are added, to bring the pothole level with the pavement.  The pothole is then smoothed and left to cool.

Pretty efficient, if you ask me.  Your repair supports the weight of motor vehicles in just 7-10 minutes!

Local Experts

I’m so relieved that my customer alerted me to the pothole in my parking lot.  I’m even more relieved knowing that I can depend on infrared pothole repairs near me in Monroe Township, NJ, with this region’s local experts at Parking Lot Armor.

When potholes happen, call PLA to get a  complementary estimate that you can trust to be timely and transparent. They’re Monroe Township’s leaders in pavement solutions, at the ready for all your parking lot needs.   They’ll keep your lot safe and ready to welcome customers.

Call PLA – Monroe Township’s local experts!