Infrared Pothole Repairs Near Me in Middletown, NJ

The appearance of my parking lot says a lot about my business sense.  Pristine pavements spell prosperity, success and a customer-facing approach.

But potholes happen.  Being an entrepreneur is a 24-hour job and all the priorities involved can see you juggling hard.  You can’t be everywhere.

My parking lot is sizable and off in the northeast corner, a big crack had formed over the winter that I wasn’t aware of.  Then, a customer mentioned it to me and she was right.  I went to check and there it was.

I was grateful to know, because if there’s one thing my parking lot doesn’t need, it’s potholes.

The Negative Message

A pothole in your parking lot sends a negative message.  It speaks of negligence and a bad attitude toward customer safety.

People can injure themselves out there.  As if that’s not scary enough, but when people injure themselves on your property, you can be held liable.

Stopping potholes from establishing themselves is a smart business practice every entrepreneur with a brick-and-mortar store should follow.  Attending regularly to minor cracks before they achieve “major crack” status is what’s needed.  But when major cracks form and pothole results, then you’ll need infrared pothole repairs near me in Middletown, NJ.

Call In the Best

When a pothole happens, you need support and that support is locally available with the pavement pros at Parking Lot Armor.  With the required experience and state-of-the-art equipment, they get your pothole dealt with quickly and professionally.

I trust PLA with all my parking lot needs from patching to striping.  And when a major crack in the parking lot evades my attention and burgeons to become a pothole, I know they’ll fix the damage with infrared pothole repairs near me in Middletown, NJ.

How They Do It

I’m confident that infrared pothole repair is the best way to rid your lot of potholes.  It’s budget-friendly, expeditious and kind to the environment.

This technique for fixing potholes is the best around, with cost-effective, rapid-fire repair that gets rid of the pothole and supports my business’s formal mission of being mindful of the planet we all share.

The experts at PLA use an infrared panel to prepare and soften the pothole’s contents.  Some potholes need to have additional material added to bring them to pavement level.  After that, the former pothole is smoothed over and left to cool.

And that’s that!  You’re ready to go, in just 7-10 minutes!  BAM!

The Paving Experts – PLA

I’m glad my customer talked to me about that pothole rearing its ugly head.  I’m even more glad to know that I can depend on infrared pothole repairs near me in Middletown, NJ, with the paving experts at Parking Lot Armor.

When you’ve got a pothole issue, count on PLA to expeditiously provide you with a complementary estimate. They’re your first and best choice for professional support for everything your parking lot needs, keeping your business safe for employees and customers and looking like you mean business.

PLA repairs it right.