Infrared Pothole Repairs Near Me in Edison, NJ

My parking lot is a message to consumers about the way I do business.  An attractive, well-groomed parking lot is something customers notice.

Potholes happen.  Being a brick-and-mortar business owner is lot of work and keeping all the balls I need to juggle in the air is difficult.

My parking lot is expansive, so I wasn’t aware of the large crack that had formed over the winter. A customer mentioned it to me, thankfully.  I went to check and there it was.  Lucky it was still reasonably small at that point.

Vigilant customers are a business owner’s best friend.  Nobody needs potholes.

No Good for Business

A pothole in your parking lot does no good for your business.  It represents negligence and a lax attitude about customer safety and security.

People can get injured out there.  That’s serious enough, but when people get injured in your parking lot, it can trigger litigation.

Dealing with potholes before they get bigger is a best practice that every business owner should follow religiously.  Repairing minor cracks before they get to “major crack” status is optimal, but when major cracks form and a pothole establishes, your best bet is infrared pothole repairs near me in Edison, NJ with the specialists at Parking Lot Armor.

The Best Around

When unwelcome potholes form, you need professional repair that’s available locally with the pavement professionals at PLA.  With comprehensive paving experience and first-class equipment, they fix your pothole skillfully and quickly.  They’re the best around.

I call in PLA for all my paving maintenance.  And when a major crack in my parking eludes me and starts turning into a pothole, I know they’ll get it expertly repaired with infrared pothole repairs near me in Edison, NJ.

How PLA Does It

I’m completely confident in telling you that infrared pothole repair is the most advanced and reliable way to rid yourself of unsightly potholes.  It’s easy on the wallet, super-fast and kind to the environment.

This method of fixing potholes is the best, with financially accessible, rapid repair that banishes the pothole and supports my business’s mission of striving for sustainability.

PLA’s superlative crews work with an infrared panel, softening the pothole’s contents with heat to prepare them.  Some potholes demand additional material to bring them up to the level of the pavement.  After that, the pothole is smoothed and allowed to cool off.

The repair can bear the weight of cars in only 7-10 minutes.  That’s fast!

Go with the Experts

I’m so grateful my customer told me about that baby pothole in my parking lot.  I’m more grateful to know I can depend on infrared pothole repairs near me in Edison, NJ, with the paving experts at PLA.

When potholes attack, count on PLA to supply you with a transparent, complementary estimate in a hurry. They’re Edison, NJ’s premier choice for paving expertise that covers all your parking lot maintenance needs, keeping your parking lot safe for all who use it – and your premises looking their best.

Go with PLA expertise!