How Important is Asphalt Parking Lot Repair for Your Business?

Because we’re in business ourselves, we know what it takes to be successful. At Parking Lot Armor, we’ve worked hard in our almost decade and half of being regional paving experts, to be the best we can be.

So, we know. We’ve been there and we’re still hammering away at what we do every day, to maintain our excellent reputation.

How important is asphalt parking lot repair for your business? Let’s illustrate the point with the tale of a business owner who let the condition of his parking lot slide.

Priorities, priorities

Mr. Jones (we’ll call him) had a thriving kid’s clothing shop, at an enviable location. He’d been in business about 4 years, when one day, a customer he was chatting with pointed out that some small cracks had appeared in his parking lot.

Mr. Jones chuckled wryly. “Well, that’s not a priority right now, but we’ll look after it soon,” he said. The customer, satisfied that Mr. Jones had it all in hand, bid him “Good day!” and left the store.

Mr. Jones’s priorities continued to exclude the condition of his parking lot. Then, winter came and with it, rain, snow and ice. By the time spring had come, those little cracks his customer had warned him about had gotten bigger. Mr. Jones made note of them and promised himself he’d make repairing them a priority.

Back burnered, the cracks in Mr. Jones’s parking lot continued to grow. One day, the same customer who’d first alerted Mr. Jones to the cracks returned and told him he thought a pothole might be starting to form. Mr. Jones left the store with the customer to look and indeed – a pothole was establishing itself.

And the problem with that is that potholes are more complicated and expensive to fix than minor cracks.


Between the time of the minor cracks in Mr. Jones’s parking lot forming and the advent of the pothole, not far down the road a competitor had set up shop. Mr. Jones’s competitor knew that the parking lot of the business he’d established would need a makeover to repair the minor cracks he’d seen and to renovate the striping.

Before launching his store, he got it all done, so his business’s parking lot was customer-ready on day one at the Grand Opening.

While Mr. Jones was busy juggling priorities that didn’t include his parking lot, his competitor was busy creating a parking area that told his customers he cared about their comfort and safety. As time went by, some of Mr. Jones’s customers noticed that and started shopping for their kids’ clothes with the competitor.

Mr. Jones is still in business, but he’s learned how important asphalt paving repair is for his business. He’s seen the sales impact not prioritizing this important item could provoke.

Don’t be like Mr. Jones. Be smart

Your parking lot tells customers and potential customers alike where your priorities are.

Don’t be like Mr. Jones. Be smart. Call Parking Lot Armor and get those repairs done.

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