Commercial Parking Lot Paving in NJ

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Your business is in your blood.  You eat, sleep and live every aspect of the enterprise you’ve built up from nothing.  And if your business has a parking lot, it’s important that you keep it looking its best.

While it may not be high on your list of priorities, a well-groomed parking lot is a big deal to your customers.  First, it signals that you run a tight ship and when you run a tight ship, it signals that you’re an honest businessperson with an ethical framework your customers can trust.

Second, a well-maintained parking lot with clear striping, free of cracks and holes customers can trip and fall on, protects your esteemed clientele.

Third, if your parking lot isn’t well-maintained, you’re exposed to personal injury lawsuits that have the potential to shutter your business.

Commercial Parking Lot Paving In NJ

Spring has come and gone. The snow has melted and now, summer’s upon us.  What better time to take a long, hard look at your parking lot?

In fact, it’s kind of past time.  Snow and moisture can wreak havoc on your business’s pavements.  Once a crack forms in the top layer, moisture can get into the substructure.  And that means trouble.

Addressing minor cracks when you see them is the first order of business.  If you fail to address them, you’ll soon have major cracks and eventually, potholes.  Not a good look for a thriving business.

Winter puts the beat down on your parking lot striping, too.  Inspect it.  Does it need to be freshened up to create greater clarity for your customers?

Sealcoating – a Preventative Measure

Now that you’ve inspected your lot and found the cracks which have formed over the winter and other problems (like faded striping), it’s time to do yourself and your parking lot a favor by sealcoating it.

Sealcoating entails the application of a thin layer of coal tar or an asphalt-based material to your parking lot.  This ensures it’s protected from the elements. Evenly applied sealcoating is key to the effectiveness of this process.

And sealcoating is also a preventative measure which defends the substructure and foundation of your parking lot from moisture incursion (the enemy of all pavements).  Sealcoating creates a buffer between vehicle traffic and the foundation of your lot, preventing profound damage.

And a well-integrated appearance is appreciated by your customers. With no hazards in your parking lot, it’s safe for everyone to use and you’re a neighborhood hero!

Parking Lot Armor

For over a decade and half, PLA has been the New Jersey business owner’s best friend.

We’re the pavement maintenance specialists who keep your lot safe and looking its best.  With the most advanced equipment available, we install, repair and maintain with integrity, employing state-of-the-art equipment and processes that set us apart as leaders.

From striping to patching and filling cracks, to infra-red pothole repair and sealcoating, PLA provides a comprehensive service for all your parking lot maintenance needs. Ready to renew your business’s parking lot?  Contact us to request a quotation!

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