Commercial Asphalt Paving Near Me in New Brunswick, NJ

Pavements which aren’t maintained properly send the wrong message.  As an entrepreneur with a business that needs to let customers know that I value their custom, I hate to see them.

That’s why I’m serious about maintenance.  Tired pavements in your parking lot and other paved areas, like driveways and paths, are sad.  People notice.

When people notice that you’re not maintaining your pavements, you can lose crucial business.  While your competition doesn’t offer the quality you do, they can overtake you before you know it when your pavements are making it clear that you’re not keeping them up.

For commercial asphalt paving near me in New Brunswick, NJ, I always call on the pros at Parking Lot Armor.  They’re paving maintenance experts who support the continuing success of my business with superior paving solutions you can rely on.

Asphalt is durable

Asphalt is durable.  It withstands the rigors of ice, snow and hot, humid weather conditions and years of wear from traffic.  That’s why Parking Lot Armor deploys it in all their paving jobs.

Exceptional quality asphalt will be serving your business for up to 20 years.  That offers you fantasic value for money and 2 decades of service.  To protect my investment in quality pavement for my business, I make sure a regular inspection is done for minor cracks.  Minor cracks can become major budget line items, especially when potholes start to form.

With Parking Lot Armor, I know I’ll get amazing performance from my pavements, because I take the highly-advisable step of sealcoating the asphalt.  That protects it in even the most severe weather, ensuring that my pavements will be there for years to come.

If you believe that asphalt will stand the test of time without being diligent about its condition, you’re wrong.  You can limit asphalt’s 20-year lifespan to only 3, if you believe you can lay pavements and walk away.

Nope.  Not happening.

Your paving partners

My relationship with the paving specialists at PLA is a partnership.  They support the continuing success of my store because they’re experienced and do great work.   It’s a fantastic business partnership.

PLA has been offering New Brunswick businesses outstanding paving solutions for 16 years.  I wouldn’t trust any other company with commercial asphalt paving near me in New Brunswick, NJ because PLA delivers, every time.

Parking Lot Armor is the New Brunswick, NJ answer to your commercial paving needs, whether you’re the operations chief at a hotel, a business owner like me or a homeowner’s association freshening up your property.

Choose PLA for the best in paving

When you’re a local entrepreneur, nothing says you’re open for business like well-maintained premises and your pavements are a big part of that.  Your customers need to know that they can visit your store safely and that you value their business enough to maintain your outlet in top notch condition.

Choose PLA for the best in commercial asphalt paving near me in New Brunswick, NJ.  Contact them!  You’ll be glad you did.