Commercial Asphalt Paving Near Me in Monroe, NJ

There is nothing sadder in this world than shoddily maintained pavements.  Well, there may be something, but as a business owner with an outlet that needs to look its best for my customers, they certainly make me sad.

That’s why I’m serious about maintenance.  Neglected, cracked pavements in your parking lot and other paved areas, like walkways and drives, send a message.  That message is inattention.  You can bet people notice.

And when people notice that you’re not caring for your pavements, you can lose valuable business.  While the competition may not be “all that”, they can get ahead of you rather quickly when your message to customers is, “Not a priority.”.

I like to stay on top of things in that respect, so for commercial asphalt paving near me in Monroe, NJ, I partner with Parking Lot Armor.  They’re paving maintenance specialists who keep my business looking ready to welcome customers.

Asphalt – simply the best

Asphalt is the workhorse of paving solutions.  It stands up to extreme weather conditions and the demands of vehicles rolling over it.  That’s why Parking Lot Armor uses it for everything they do.

High-quality asphalt can endure for up to 20 years.  That’s a lifespan bringing value for money and 2 decades of service.  To protect my investment, I ensure that an inspection is conducted regularly for minor cracks.  Minor cracks can turn into big problems, especially when potholes are allowed to develop.

With Parking Lot Armor, I know I’ll be getting my money’s worth from my pavements, because I take the extra precaution of sealcoating the asphalt.  That helps preserve it all kinds of weather, ensuring that my pavements are in top shape.

If you think asphalt is going to do its job without due diligence like this, you’re sadly mistaken.  You can reduce asphalt’s 20-year lifespan to just 3, if you genuinely believe you can install pavements and then ignore them.

That will come back to bite you – hard.

Paving partners

My relationship with the professionals PLA is a partnership.  They help my business succeed, because they’re professionals who stand by all their work.   They’re my partners in paving.

They’ve been installing and maintaining pavements for 16 years.  I wouldn’t trust any other company with my commercial asphalt paving near me in Monroe, NJ.  Experienced and custom-centered, these guys deliver on their promises.

Parking Lot Armor is the 360-degree solution to your commercial paving needs, whether you’re the chief of operations at a hospital, a local business owner like me or a homeowner’s association looking to refresh your development’s pavements.

Smart business owners choose PLA

When you’re in business, nothing says you’re ready to greet your customers like well-maintained premises and your pavements are a huge part of that.  Your customers need to know they can enjoy your premises safely and that you think enough about them to host them at a location looking like it means business.

For commercial asphalt paving near me in Monroe, NJ, smart business owners choose PLA.  Contact them!