Commercial Asphalt Paving Near Me in Freehold, NJ

Poorly maintained pavements are sadder than sad.  Sure, there are much sadder things in the world, but as a business owner with a storefront that needs to look good for my customers, they make me very sad, indeed.

That’s why I’m proactive about maintenance.  Tired pavements in your parking lot and other paved areas, like paths and driveways, send a message.  That message is inattention.  And it’s a given that people notice.

And when people notice that you’re not properly maintaining your pavements, you can lose customers.  While the competition may not be as good as you, they can pull ahead in no time flat when your message to customers is, “I can’t be bothered.”.

I like to be diligent in that respect, so for commercial asphalt paving near me in Freehold, NJ, I work with the experts at Parking Lot Armor.  They’re paving maintenance specialists who support my business with paving excellence.

Asphalt rocks

You need to know that asphalt rocks.  It stands up to tough weather conditions and the weight of vehicles driving over it constantly.  That’s why Parking Lot Armor uses it for all their paving jobs.

Quality asphalt will be around for up to 20 years.  That offers you terrific value for money and 2 decades of service.  To protect the investment I’ve made in my pavements, I ensure that an inspection is done regularly for minor cracks.  Minor cracks can turn into major headaches, especially when potholes are given a chance to form.

With PLA, I know I’ll be getting superior performance from my pavements, because I take the extra step of sealcoating the asphalt.  That defends it all kinds of weather, ensuring that my pavements are looking their best.

If you think asphalt will continue look its best without due diligence like this, you’re wrong.  You can reduce asphalt’s 20-year lifespan to only 3, if you think you can install pavements and then walk away.

Prepare to be proven wrong, if that’s what you’re doing!

My paving partners

My relationship with the professionals at PLA is a partnership.  They support my success because they’re experienced experts who do great work.   They’re my paving partners.

For 16 years, PLA has been installing and maintaining pavements.  I wouldn’t trust any other pavers with my commercial asphalt paving near me in Freehold, NJ.  The people at PLA make good on their promises.

Parking Lot Armor is the Freehold, NJ solution to your commercial paving needs, whether you’re the operations manager at an office building, a local store owner like me or a homeowner’s association sprucing up your pavements.

Choosing PLA is smart business

When you own a local business, nothing says you’re ready to greet your customers like well-groomed premises and your pavements are part of that.  Your customers need to know they can come to your premises safely and that you care enough about them to welcome them to a location that’s in superb condition.

For commercial asphalt paving near me in Freehold, NJ, choosing PLA is smart business.  Contact them!