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How Often do You Need Asphalt Paving Services?

asphalt repair service

Your asphalt is tough stuff.  When you pave with this material, you’re getting a durable surface.  That doesn’t mean you can ignore your pavements, though.  As durable as asphalt is, it still has an expiry date. So, how often do you need asphalt paving services?  Let’s unpack the question! Read the Signs Winters in the…

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How to Pick the Right Paving Company for Your Home or Business

hand picking one person among many

We’re going to assume that most of you reading are experienced enough in life to know that you get what you pay for. While it’s not necessarily so that the highest price will get you the best quality, rock bottom prices usually mean rock bottom quality.   Pay a little more.  Know who you’re dealing with…

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When is the Best Time for a Parking Lot Repair?

parking lot with sunny weather sign illustration

Keeping your parking lot in tip top condition is a best practice for any business.  The condition of your parking lot says a lot about the condition of your business.  When it’s looking tired, with cracks, erosion and faded striping, the message you’re sending about your business is not a positive one. A well-groomed parking…

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Questions to Ask Your Asphalt Paving Contractor


Hiring a contractor of any kind demands a clear head and a clear agenda.  Knowing what you want from your contractor and what you expect with total clarity is a good place to start. And doing your homework (checking in with friends and acquaintances on their tips and comments, as well as looking at online…

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Summer Commercial Parking Lot Paving in NJ

asphalt in the sun

Summer’s here and so’s the heat! And heat can mean your pavements need a hand to keep serving your business safely and attractively.  Faded striping, pavement loss and other factors can arise during a hot summer like the one we’re experiencing. Parking Lot Armor is your source for superior expertise, responsive customer service and quality…

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The Road to Ruin: What’s Wearing Down Your Asphalt?

cracked pavement

We all know that asphalt doesn’t last forever.  While it may seem permanent, there are so many factors that can degrade it, especially when weather’s extreme. Hot summers and cold winters bring all kinds of threats to the integrity of your asphalt.  And before you know it, you’re losing ground in your paved areas. “The…

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Asphalt Repairs in Middlesex County, NJ

Worker leveling fresh asphalt

It’s asphalt repair season! Now that summer’s here, the way is clear to get your business’s pavements looking their best and ready for the rigors of winter. Before the rain and snow return (and you know they will), getting your pavements ready to withstand the rough New Jersey winter means asphalt repairs in Middlesex County,…

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A Cost-Effective Guide to Help Property Managers Budget for Asphalt Repairs


Property managers are called on to juggle competing priorities and to stay within budget.  With so many factors vying for attention, it can be challenging to keep up. But your pavements are important.  They’re not just about “saving face” to maintain your facilities in a publicly presentable state.  They’re about the safety of the people…

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Asphalt Pavement Summer Maintenance Checklist

new asphalt checked

The summer is here which means you need to apply additional vigilance to policing the state of your pavements. That’s why we’ve created this asphalt pavement summer maintenance checklist.  You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business and your pavements are big of part of the infrastructure you’ve sweat bullets to pay for. Isn’t…

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Why Crack Sealing Is So Important

asphalt cracks

Your parking lot is like a welcome mat for your storefront.  It either says, “Come on in!”, or it says, “Beware!”. Keeping it in good condition is one way to let your customers know you care.  But it’s also a smart business practice which serves to extend the life of your pavements.  That’s why crack…

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