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Asphalt Pavement Summer Maintenance Checklist

new asphalt checked

The summer is here which means you need to apply additional vigilance to policing the state of your pavements. That’s why we’ve created this asphalt pavement summer maintenance checklist.  You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business and your pavements are big of part of the infrastructure you’ve sweat bullets to pay for. Isn’t…

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Why Crack Sealing Is So Important

asphalt cracks

Your parking lot is like a welcome mat for your storefront.  It either says, “Come on in!”, or it says, “Beware!”. Keeping it in good condition is one way to let your customers know you care.  But it’s also a smart business practice which serves to extend the life of your pavements.  That’s why crack…

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Commercial Parking Lot Paving in NJ

parking lot

Your business is in your blood.  You eat, sleep and live every aspect of the enterprise you’ve built up from nothing.  And if your business has a parking lot, it’s important that you keep it looking its best. While it may not be high on your list of priorities, a well-groomed parking lot is a…

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NJ Infrared Asphalt Repairs

asphalt pothole

Potholes happen.  With extreme weather conditions and asphalt deterioration, an occasional pothole is probably going to be part of your life at some point. But with your pavement maintenance specialists at Parking Lot Armor, NJ infrared asphalt repairs are achieved with state-of-the-art knowledge, materials and equipment. The Pothole Cometh The integrity of your parking lot…

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Why asphalt paving is the preferred choice

Asphalt. It’s the preferred choice of paving contractors everywhere. If you know your paving, then you’re aware that asphalt is the superior choice, in almost every paving scenario. There are several reasons for that and this post will reveal why asphalt paving is the preferred choice. Durable Paving experts know that asphalt can withstand just…

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Why is asphalt maintenance required?

We’ve talked a little in another blog about why asphalt is the preferred choice for paving. It’s durable and resilient, which reduces repairs. Asphalt can last for 2 decades, when maintained in top condition. But maintenance is important. Just as you need to exercise to keep your body at its best (and not falling apart),…

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