Asphalt Pavement Summer Maintenance Checklist

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The summer is here which means you need to apply additional vigilance to policing the state of your pavements.

That’s why we’ve created this asphalt pavement summer maintenance checklist.  You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business and your pavements are big of part of the infrastructure you’ve sweat bullets to pay for.

Isn’t it worth taking the time to ensure your pavements are performing and not degrading?  The cost of replacement compels!

Let’s see how you can keep your asphalt happy this summer.

Summer Maintenance Checklist

  • Is your asphalt grey?

Time and the weather rob your asphalt of its original dark black color.  As it begins to age, it will turn a light grey.

This process means the pavements are degrading due to oxidation.  That’s when cracks are likely to form.

  • Are you noticing cracks?

Cracks more than a ¼” long or which resemble alligator skin are a wakeup call.  Catch these now with crack filling services from Parking Lot Armor.

  • Got potholes?

Once these establish, you can expect problems with the foundation of your asphalt pavements.  Water gets in through cracks and once those become potholes, you may have replacement on your hands.

  • Are loose rocks lying around?

If you have loose rocks and other debris in your parking lot, a process known as “raveling” has begun.  This represents deterioration, as your pavements slowly begin to erode.  This is a job for a professional paver to remediate, as quickly as possible.

  • Do you see stains from oil?

Did you know that oil stains can seriously impact the continuing integrity of your pavements?  These need to addressed as quickly as possible to mitigate the damage.  Oil can seep into your pavements and ruin them.

  • Is your striping faded?

Faded striping makes parking tough on your customers.  When parking spaces and traffic flow indicators aren’t clear, accidents can and do happen.  Give us a call to brighten up that striping!

  • Do you see standing water?

For starters, it’s summer.  That means mosquitoes and standing water attracts them.  If you’re seeing areas in which water has collected, your pavements need attention, as they’re buckling.

  • Are there hazards?

Keeping your parking lot free of hazards isn’t just a courtesy to your customers.  It’s protection against personal injury litigation.  Analyze bollards, curbs and parking stall stops to ensure they’re as visible as possible to reduce the potential for customer injuries.

If you have questions about any of the items in this asphalt pavement summer maintenance checklist, please give Parking Lot Armor a call.  We’d be glad to come out to your location and talk about getting your parking lot customer ready.

Parking Lot Armor Expertise

The team at PLA has been creating, repairing and maintaining New Jersey asphalt pavement for over a decade and half.  Our expertise encompasses state-of-the-art processes that keep your pavements looking fresh and ready to welcome customers.

We’re New Jersey’s paving specialists, offering a comprehensive suite of services, from seal coating to striping to infrared pothole filling, crack filling and asphalt patching. Pavements need TLC?  Contact us.

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