Asphalt Patching and Crack Repair Near Me in Princeton, NJ

New Jersey weather can do a number on your pavements.  Staying ahead of the needs of my store’s parking lot and other paved areas is crucial.

Winter is coming.  And that means it’s time to inspect your pavements, ensuring that when the snow melts in spring, they’ll be ready.  While you can’t always prevent weather damage, being prepared means checking your pavements now, so they don’t get wrecked by water incursion during the winter.

That’s why I depend on the paving specialists at Parking Lot Armor to inspect my parking lot, drive and walkways in the fall.  I pay to have any minor work done now to avoid the high cost of major repairs in the spring.

Smart business people are proactive.

Preventative Measures

Fall pavement maintenance is a big deal.  The pros at PLA are who I call when I need asphalt patching and crack repair near me in Princeton, NJ.

These guys are seasoned experts.  They’ve been working for me and many other Princeton small business owners for years, keeping our pavements in superb condition, with next generation paving solutions.

A timely asphalt patch or crack repair saves you the high cost of replacement.  Once water gets into the substructure of your pavement’s, it’s game over.

That’s why preventative pavement maintenance is so critical and why I count on the local paving experts at PLA.  For asphalt patching and crack repair near me in Princeton, NJ, PLA’s the only company I’ll call.

When Small Cracks Go Wild

Sometimes a small crack can go wild on you.  When that happens, PLA has the technology and equipment to fix it with asphalt patching.

An asphalt patch is the option to choose when high temperature crack filling won’t do it.  Using a cold repair technique, asphalt patching mends the damage, extending the life of your pavements and sparing you the sky-high cost of replacement.

A Tough Solution

When you see cracks creeping into your pavements before they’ve reached patching proportions, you’re lucky.  Parking Lot Armor’s crack filling technology uses a substance which is heated to 400 degrees and then added to the cracks.

Once it’s cool, this substance is pliable, making your pavements tougher, as they can support the weight of trucks and cars more effectively by having a little “play”.  This industrial-grade, rubber crack sealer is PLA’s way of putting pavement cracks in their place.

And when you need even more dependable protection, PLA will pre-treat cracks with a 2,000-degree hot air lance to create superior adhesion of the crack sealer.

My Paving Partners

The paving specialists at Parking Lot Armor are my parking lot partners.  But they’re also my walkway and drive partners, bringing over 15 years’ paving experience to my business.

They keep my physical plant looking like new and safe for customers to enjoy, with smooth, fresh pavements that tell them I value their business.

Winter is coming.  But you’ll have no fear of it with PLA’S exceptional asphalt patching and crack repair near me in Princeton, NJ.