Asphalt Patching and Crack Repair Near Me in Monroe Township, NJ

New Jersey weather can be cruel to your pavements.  Keeping on top of the needs of my store’s parking lot and other pavements is a priority.

Winter is coming.  That means it’s time to get proactive about your pavements, ensuring that when the snow melts, they’ll be ready.  While you can’t always prevent weather damage, being ready means inspecting your pavements now, so they don’t get seriously damaged by water incursion over the winter.

That’s why I rely on the paving pros at Parking Lot Armor to monitor my parking lot, drive and walkways in the fall.  I pay to have any preventative work done now to spare the exorbitant cost of major repairs, come spring.

I like to think ahead.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative pavement maintenance is a big deal.  So, I call the experts at PLA when I need asphalt patching and crack repair near me in Monroe Township, NJ.

These guys are seasoned, technologically-advanced professionals.  They’ve been working for me and many other Monroe Township small business people for years, keeping our paving in excellent condition, with up-to-the-minute paving solutions.

A proactive asphalt patch or crack repair saves you the crazy cost of replacement.  Once water seeps into the substructure of your paving it’s only a matter of time.

That’s why pavement maintenance is crucial and why I rely on the local paving specialists at PLA.  For asphalt patching and crack repair near me in Monroe Township, NJ, PLA’s the only outfit I’ll call.

When Small Cracks Grow

Sometimes a small crack can grow on you.  When that happens, PLA has the knowledge and equipment to repair it with asphalt patching.

An asphalt patch is the alternative when high temperature crack filling won’t cut it.  Using a cold repair method, asphalt patching repairs the damage, extending the life of your pavements and saving you the outrageous cost of replacement.

A Hardcore Solution

When you see cracks forming before they’ve arrived at patching proportions, you’re lucky.  Parking Lot Armor’s crack filling method uses a material which is heated to 400 degrees and then introduced to the cracks.

Once it’s set, this material is flexible, making your pavements truly hardcore, as they can withstand the weight of vehicles more effectively by having some “give”.  This industrial-grade, rubber crack sealer is PLA’s way of stopping pavement cracks in their tracks.

And when you need even more hardcore protection, PLA will pre-treat cracks with a 2,000-degree hot air lance to allow even better adhesion of the crack sealer.

Local Paving Heroes

The paving experts at Parking Lot Armor are my local paving heroes.  For my walkway, drive and parking lot, they bring more than a decade and a half’s paving expertise to my business.

They keep my business looking like new and safe for customers to use, with fresh pavements that let them know how much I value their business.

Winter is coming.  But you’re all set with PLA’S superior asphalt patching and crack repair near me in Monroe Township, NJ.