Asphalt Patching and Crack Repair Near Me in Middletown, NJ

New Jersey weather does a number on pavements.  So, as a business owner, keeping on top of my store’s parking lot and other paved areas is a priority.

Winter is coming.  And we know that means getting ready, to ensure that when the snow melts in spring, our pavements will be in decent shape.  While you can’t prevent all weather damage, being ready means monitoring your pavements now to ensure they don’t get ruined by water incursion over the winter.

That’s why I rely on the paving specialists at Parking Lot Armor to inspect my parking lot, drive and walkways in the fall.  I pay to have any minor work performed now to avoid the cost of major repairs in the spring.

It’s just smart business.

Pay Now, or Pay Later

Fall pavement maintenance is a must.  The pros at PLA are who I call when I need asphalt patching and crack repair near me in Middletown, NJ.

These guys are experienced.  They’ve been supporting me and many of my fellow small business owners for years, keeping our pavements in top condition, with leading-edge paving solutions.

A timely asphalt patch or crack repair spares you replacement.  Because once water insinuates itself into the substructure of your paving, it’s a goner.

That’s why pavement maintenance is a priority and why I count on the local paving professionals at PLA.  For asphalt patching and crack repair near me in Middletown, NJ, they’re the only outfit I’ll call.

When Things Have Gone Too Far

Sometimes a minor crack can go too far, getting ahead of you.  When that happens, PLA has what you need to get it repaired with asphalt patching.

An asphalt patch is indicated when high temperature crack filling isn’t.  Using a cold repair technique, asphalt patching gets the hole repaired, increasing the lifespan of your pavements and sparing you the incredibly high cost of replacement.

A Flexible Solution

When you catch cracks forming in your pavements before they’ve reached patching proportions, you’re in luck.  Parking Lot Armor’s crack filling technology uses a substance which is heated to 400-degrees and then poured into the cracks.

Once it’s set, this substance is flexible, making your pavements less vulnerable to damage, as they can hold the weight of vehicles more effectively by having a little “play”.  This industrial-grade, rubber crack sealer is PLA’s secret weapon in the war on pavement damage.

And when you want additional protection, PLA will pre-treat cracks with a 2,000-degree hot air lance to create total adhesion of the crack sealer.

The Paving Specialists

The paving specialists at Parking Lot Armor are my parking lot partners.  But they’re also my walkway and drive partners, bringing more than 15 years’ experience to my business’s paved areas.

They keep my business looking professional and safe for customers to use, with fresh, smooth pavements that tell the public I’m ready for business.

Winter is coming.  Face it head on with PLA’S world-class asphalt patching and crack repair near me in Middletown, NJ.