Asphalt Patching and Crack Repair Near Me in Freehold Township, NJ

Winter is coming.  That means getting proactive about your pavements, ensuring that when the snow melts, they’ll be good to go.  While you can’t always stop winter damage, preparedness means looking at your pavements now, so they’ll have a better chance of not being ruined by water incursion over the winter.

I know, because I’m a local business owner and fall inspection is part of my year-end routine.  I’d rather fix problems now than pay a bundle later.

I count on the paving specialists at Parking Lot Armor take care of my parking lot, drive and walkways in the fall.  I pay for damage prevention now to save the high cost of major repairs, in the spring.

An Ounce of Prevention

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  So, I call the professionals at PLA for asphalt patching and crack repair near me in Freehold Township, NJ.

The PLA team is seasoned and technologically advanced.  They’ve been supporting me and many other Freehold Township small business owners for years, keeping our pavements in tip-top condition, with advanced paving solutions.

A timely asphalt patch or crack repair saves you the precipitous cost of replacement.  Once water finds its way into the substructure of your paving, its integrity is compromised.

That’s why paving maintenance is a priority and why I depend on the paving experts at PLA.  For asphalt patching and crack repair near me in Freehold Township, NJ, PLA’s the only company I’ll call.

Little Things Grow

Sometimes, little things grow.  When cracks do that, PLA has the experience and technology to repair them with asphalt patching.

An asphalt patch is your best option when high temperature crack filling isn’t enough.  Using a cold repair technique, asphalt patching fixes the damage, adding years to the life of your pavements and saving you the crazy cost of replacement.

A Strong Solution

When you see cracks setting in before they’ve gotten out of hand, you’re lucky.  Parking Lot Armor’s crack filling technology uses a material which is heated to 400 degrees and then added to the cracks.

Once it’s cooled, this material is pliable, making your pavements stronger, as they can hold up under the weight of vehicles more effectively by having some “play”.  This industrial-grade, rubber crack filler is PLA’s way of stopping little things from growing.

And when you need even stronger protection, PLA will pre-treat cracks with a 2,000-degree hot air lance to allow even more effective adhesion of the crack filler.

Local Paving Specialists

The paving experts at Parking Lot Armor are my local paving specialists.  For my drive, walkway and parking lot, they bring more than 15 years of paving know-how to my business.

They keep my brick-and-mortar looking fresh and safe for customers to enjoy, with smooth pavements that send a clear message that I value their business and care about their safety.

Winter is coming.  But you’ve got support with PLA’S professional asphalt patching and crack repair near me in Freehold Township, NJ.