Asphalt Patching and Crack Repair Near Me in Edison, NJ

New Jersey weather is hard on pavements.  As a business owner, staying ahead of the needs of my store’s parking lot and other paved areas is important.

Winter is coming.  And we know that means checking your pavements, to ensure that when the snow melts in spring, they’ll be in good shape.  While you can’t stop all weather damage, being prepared means inspecting your pavements now to ensure they don’t get destroyed by water incursion once winter comes.

That’s why I count on the paving professionals at Parking Lot Armor to look over my parking lot, drive and walkways in the fall.  I pay to have any small-scale work done now to avoid the staggering cost of major repairs in the spring.

Smart business people think ahead.

Preventative Measures

Fall pavement maintenance is a priority.  The experts at PLA are who I need when I want asphalt patching and crack repair near me in Edison, NJ.

These guys know what they’re doing.  They’ve been working with me and many other local small business owners for years, keeping our pavements in excellent condition, with advanced paving solutions.

A pre-emptive asphalt patch or crack repair spares you the cost of replacement.  Once water seeps into the substructure of your paving, it’s toast.

That’s why preventative maintenance is an imperative and why I depend on the local paving specialists at PLA.  For asphalt patching and crack repair near me in Edison, NJ, they’re the only people I’ll call.

When Things Get Away from You

Sometimes a small crack can get away from you.  When that happens, PLA has the know-how and equipment to repair it with asphalt patching.

An asphalt patch is the right option when high temperature crack filling isn’t.  Using a cold repair method, asphalt patching repairs the damage, adding to the life span of your pavements and saving you the exorbitant cost of replacement.

A Durable Solution

When you see cracks establishing in your pavements before they’ve arrived at patching proportions, you’re lucky.  Parking Lot Armor’s crack filling technique deploys a substance which is heated to 400-degrees and then introduced into the cracks.

Once it’s cooled, this substance is flexible, making your pavements more durable, as they can hold the weight of cars and trucks more effectively by having a little “give”.  This industrial-grade, rubber crack sealer is PLA’s way of making the best of pavement cracks.

And when you want even more reliable protection, PLA will pre-treat cracks with a 2,000-degree hot air lance to assure ironclad adhesion of the crack sealer.

The Paving Experts

The paving experts at Parking Lot Armor are my parking lot friends.  But they’re also my walkway and drive friends, bringing over 15 years’ experience to my business’s pavements.

They keep my store looking terrific and safe for customers to use, with smooth, customer-friendly pavements that tell the public I prize their business.

Winter is coming.  But you have little to fear with PLA’S exceptional asphalt patching and crack repair near me in Edison, NJ.