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How to Pick the Right Paving Company for Your Home or Business

hand picking one person among many

We’re going to assume that most of you reading are experienced enough in life to know that you get what you pay for. While it’s not necessarily so that the highest price will get you the best quality, rock bottom prices usually mean rock bottom quality.   Pay a little more.  Know who you’re dealing with…

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When is the Best Time for a Parking Lot Repair?

parking lot with sunny weather sign illustration

Keeping your parking lot in tip top condition is a best practice for any business.  The condition of your parking lot says a lot about the condition of your business.  When it’s looking tired, with cracks, erosion and faded striping, the message you’re sending about your business is not a positive one. A well-groomed parking…

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Questions to Ask Your Asphalt Paving Contractor


Hiring a contractor of any kind demands a clear head and a clear agenda.  Knowing what you want from your contractor and what you expect with total clarity is a good place to start. And doing your homework (checking in with friends and acquaintances on their tips and comments, as well as looking at online…

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